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Log Cabin Patchwork: A Tutorial

I've tried many different kinds of patchwork over the years, but I find that I don't have the patience for assembling perfectly aligned hexagons or faffing about tacking paper to the back of fabric pieces. So it was a complete delight to come across Log Cabin Patchwork, which is a simple but gorgeous style of patchwork that builds outwards from a central square. Progress is quick, wonkiness is encouraged and all you need is a needle and thread, an iron, and a stash of fabric scraps. Here's how it's done: Cut out a bunch of fabric strips in about eight different designs. Aim for a range of patterns and plains  and contrasting colours. Short strips or long, fat or thin - it doesn't matter. Just work with what you have. Cut a square of background fabric (I used an old duvet cover). My square is 45cm but you can cut a square any size you want. Crease the square diagonally to find the centre then tack a small square of fabric smack dab in the mi

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