Happy New Year everyone. What a relaxing break that was! Good food, great company, lots of swimming at the beach - it doesn't get any better than that. I got some fab prezzies for Christmas including two stunning new pop-up books to feed my growing addiction to paper engineering.

The design of Marion Bataille's ABC3D is brilliant - simple combinations of red, black and white for the letters and amazing use of pivots and sliding devices throughout. And then there's the completely outrageous One Red Dot by David A. Carter, a pop-up counting book where you have to find the single red dot in each spread.

Align CenterThis one makes an amazing clatter when you open it as the serrated shapes emerge from the white box.

And how the heck you manage to get eight connected orbs to open out like a flower and hover on the page with only one small support at the base is absolutely beyond me. Truly magical!! Just goes to show that I still have much to learn about pop-up design so that will definitely be one of my fun challenges for 2009.


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