Jack thinks I have a Victorian approach to calling on people. I guess it's true that I never visit anybody empty-handed and generally bake something tasty or buy some pretty flowers. I'm just off to spend the afternoon with two of my favourite people, Tazey and Lee, so I prepared a basket of homemade goodies to take along. There's a pot of my first ever batch of plum jam, a jar of poached pears (thanks Emma for the plums and pears), a loaf of freshly made gingerbread, and an assortment of herbs from the cute garden my brother Greg made for me recently. It's so nice to be in the kitchen on these cool early autumn days making use of the seasonal produce to stock up the cupboards for winter. Maybe I do belong to a different era but it's great to see so many people reviving the skills of preserving, pickling and making jam and consciously favouring the homemade over the store-bought. Thrifty and delicious!


kimberlee said…
oh my goodness, this picture is so beautiful. victorian approach to visiting people! ha I love it :)

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