Winter Wardrobe Challenge

A selection of new and vintage buttons from my collection

It's my favourite time of year - lovely cool autumn days where the mind starts to feel sharp and clear again after all that oppressive humidity. The pressures of finishing my PhD thesis have meant that I haven't been able to make a single thing in ages but that doesn't mean I don't daydream about all the books and clothes and accessories I'm going to make as soon as this colossus is out of my head. I'm cautiously optimistic that that glorious day is only about three months away.

The cool change in the weather always sends me to the wardrobe to dig out my winter gear and decide what can go, what can stay, and what needs a revamp. For this year's winter wardrobe challenge (on a shoestring budget) I've decided to build a range of new looks around a few of the vintage items I have that I've never fully utilised because I don't have the right things to go with them.

1970s ruby red Hush Puppies

1970s plaid coat

vintage orange bowling bag

Stripey 70s jacket

I plan to stick to very basic components that I know suit me like the good old faithful staples, the A-line skirt and Empire-line pinny but this year I'm going to jazz them up with lots of details - big shaped pockets, embroidered details and my favourite embellishment of all - buttons! And I'll be zinging up my wardrobe with my collection of pretty scarves and bakelite buckles.

I also have a new accessory in development - more on that soon...


Plans are fun! Seriously cool stuff B. Oh the buttons! The buttons!
Good luck with the final thesising - think of ya!
X Lies
kimberlee said…
interesting thoughts on fashion, I hope you take some photos of your oufit creations!

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