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almost finished the Apollinaire edition

As I was printing the last batch of pages for the edition of Jack's translation of 'je donne a mon espoir' this morning, I thought to myself - how cool is this life! When I quit my job as a curator five years ago to start my PhD I had the vaguest hope that when I came out the other end of it I'd know what I wanted to do with the rest of my life but without really planning it I realise now that I'm already doing it.

Shortly after I met Jack, we were on a road trip around the Kapiti Coast when the idea of starting a small publishing company came about and although I'd never made any books, or anything much at all for that matter, we just got cracking and a couple of years later we have a nice little backlist and a pile of exciting new book projects on the horizon.

Through the process of writing, making things, and blogging, a couple of other projects have come my way lately. My friend Karl Chitham, who is curating an exhibition in July called 'Far Far Away - Romance, Anxiety and the Uncertainty of Place', has invited me to write ten short stories to accompany the works in the show. They can be as weird and whimsical as I like, which is exactly the kind of art writing brief I've been hankering for.

Then, out of the blue, I received an invitation to participate in a textile exhibition in September at the Waiheke Art Gallery (actually they call it a 'fibre' art exhibition but that word conjures images of 70s woven wall-hangings in my mind so I've opted to say textile instead.) I've curated shows and written about them but I've never been an exhibitor before so I'm pretty excited about this opportunity and I plan to make my most ambitious book for it. I found another of Jack's splendid translations, this time of Rimbaud's poem, 'Poets at Seven Years Old'. It's filled with creepy and fantastical imagery and I can visualise all sorts of moving parts and pop-ups, which will be stuck to a concertina flannelboard backing (like the kind used in Sunday School classes).

Anyway, enough with the rambling. This blog will be a busy project space for the next few months at least. More soon...


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