The nude soul

of a seven year old poet might look like this:

Something like a four-legged, winged sperm perhaps...

I figured that the nude soul needed to be fashioned from the imagination of the young boy poet, and therefore it should be made from something he would be likely to have on hand, like balsa-wood model kits, for instance. Pieces from an eagle and a butterfly were used to make this little chap.

Also, the concept that emerged from my reading of the poem is that the boy's imaginary life is much more vivid and real than his actual life, so I'll be making all the scenes and images generated by his imagination as three dimensional as possible, to contrast with the flat and lifeless reality of his day to day existence, which is represented by the 2d images stuck to the flannel backgrounds.


oooh very imaginative creature. evolution up side down in this chap.
x lies

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