ship in a bottle / cat in a bag

Yep, that's pretty much my life at the moment.
Thesis editing is probably the most boring, labour intensive and soul-destroying job bar none, but on 30 November it will all be over, and after that I can turn my office into a crafting haven, read books for pleasure again, cook lots, get fit and healthy, catch up with friends, find a job and generally rejoin the world again.
Until then, edit, edit, edit...
I'll be back at the beginning of December with a Mosehouse giveaway to celebrate my freedom!


jus said…
Hi Bronwyn,
Whilst whimsically clicking I happened across your blog and it's lovely. As a full blown stationery-holic with a healthy dose of fabric obsession thrown in for good measure the photo's left me twitching. Then the words Mairangi Bay caught my eye...small world isn't it, I'm just in Torbay!
I'm off to lie down in a darkened room now, just until the twitching ceases...jus.
Counting down to 30 nov m'dear. Have not forgotten about you. Strength and endurance, kia kaha!
Ship in bottle said…

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Happy New Years

Good health to you and yours

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