willow and cherry

This metre long necklace is made from willow-pattern wallpaper beads alternating with cherry beads with pale blue stems on a cream ground. I love the way that each bead comes out differently and that the finished beads look and feel like ceramic rather than paper. My prototype string of beads is still going strong after months of steady wearing so I can now confidently attest to their durability.
I'll be posting more bead designs as they are completed, but if you are keen to own this pretty jewel, it comes packaged in a willow design wallpaper envelope (background of image 1) and can be purchased for $55 by contacting me via email: bmlloyd@xtra.co.nz
Meantime, it's back to our Silhouette book production in preparation for our special giveaway.
Note: This set of beads has just sold. More will be available soon.


Love love love! And do love that chinese-y wallpaper...

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