When I worked at Dorothy Butler's Children's Bookshop customers often talked about how easy it would be to write a picture book. In fact the opposite is true, but after a dozen or so attempts over as many years, I think I've finally written a story that I'm happy with. I can now begin the fun process of developing my illustrations, so here are three prototypes to show you.
Without revealing the plot at this early stage, I can tell you that my main character is invisible.

The illustrations will all be constructed from paper and card and I'll have them professionally photographed when they're finished. As you can see I'm developing the characters first. The backgrounds will follow soon.


Giovanni said…
The top illustration is fabulous. Straight out of Bruno Munari.
Meliors Simms said…
beautiful, clever, clean, crisp... I love your work!
PS have been showing off Silhouette to all my visitors, everyone strokes the pages too
Bronwyn Lloyd said…
Thank you both very much. Giovanni, I will definitely trust your eight year old son's discerning eye and follow the more surreal illustrative path, and Meliors, I'm so glad you like Silhouette. I get the same response when I wear the gorgeous coral brooch I won in your giveaway last year.

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