three metres and counting...

One of the great things about my part-time job at Objectspace is the inspiration I get from the huge variety of innovative contemporary craft and design on display, not only on the plinths and walls, but also being worn by visitors. At a recent artist's talk in the gallery, jeweller and Unitec graduate Raewyn Walsh was sporting a gorgeous necklace made from a long cord of French knitting with unusual attachments that I think were made from ceramic. After seeing this lovely jewel, I immediately wanted to take up French knitting, so my mum-in-law supplied me with a wooden cotton reel, I dug out some balls of wool, and off I went.

I had no particular objective in mind until an elderly lady spotted me knitting in the gallery and insisted that I needed to make a French knitted rug. I estimated that it would take me about twenty years to complete, but she told me I was exaggerating and that it would take four months. She said she'll return to check on my progress. Well, you can't argue with an old lady, so slowly but surely I'm making a rug. Three metres of French knitting amounts to the size of a coaster, so I have a long way to go...


Hi Bronwyn

I love your blog! And I'd totally forgotten the joy of French knitting! I've got a cute little painted wooden doll for doing French knitting which I must dig out. I seem to remember that it can get very addictive. I love the colours that you've chosen, it's going to make such a cool rug. Hang in there!


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