Bauhaus and Brian

Emma was telling me last night that my felt designs reminded her of Bauhaus textiles. That's a very nice thing to say because I happen to love the simple geometric structures and beautiful colour combinations of Anni Albers weaving.
While I discovered Bauhaus design relatively recently, I would have to say that the illustrations of Brian Wildsmith have been one of the formative influences on my handcrafting activities. As a child of the 60s his were the picture books that I loved the best. His patchwork style of illustration using inks and pastels in every colour imaginable have stayed with me ever since, and I was lucky enough to find two of his books in second-hand bookshops recently: The Oxford Book of Poetry for Children (1963) and The Rich Man and the Shoemaker (1965).

This is a neckpiece made from scraps of felt. It's arranged on the back of the new 20 square rug, which I've almost finished sewing together, and will show you in my next post.
Enjoy the rest of your week.


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