item three in the cabinet of curiosities

Item three is the bundle of matches found in the apron pocket of the poor frozen matchgirl. 'The Little Matchgirl' has to be one of Hans Christian Andersen's saddest stories. The small model I've made is just a prototype at this stage. What I'm attempting to create is one of the visions the girl sees inside the match flame as she sits outside in the cold and burns her last few matches for warmth. The vision in this case is a cosy interior with a decorated Christmas tree and a glowing fireplace in the background.


Jack Ross said…
Those flames look fantastic!
Anonymous said…
wow! these really are looking quite spectacular lady!
Tin grew said…
Yehah ! These are lovely B !
Woh! Those 'tableau papier' are amazing B. Truly amazing. I think the fragile and light castle has to be my favorite but the whole collection is quite exquisite as it is.
Bronwyn Lloyd said…
Thanks for all your encouraging comments on the first three items. There'll be paper crafts a-plenty going to good homes when the show is over, so it's great to get an idea of your faves.
x Bronwyn

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