Inspired by Elsita

Whenever I want to try out a new paper craft, I look for the best example of a particular technique in a book, or in blog land, and attempt to make a simplified version. Then I decide whether I have the ability to pursue it further and develop my own designs. Personally, I find this a more effective and pleasurable way of learning new skills than reading complicated instructions in a book or attending a workshop.

If you want to learn about the technique of paper-cutting you can't go beyond the exquisite and magical work of Elsita Mora. Her imagination is boundless and her attention to detail astounding. My paper girl (shown above) is a rough first attempt at paper-cut illustration inspired by Elsita. What I've learned is that you have to be very skillful to draw with a blade and you also need to be patient and cut away tiny pieces of the image at a time to avoid making mistakes.

The reason I wanted to learn this skill was to use it in combination with a simple 3-d form to create a double oval portrait for my pop-up Snow White:

According to my blogger dashboard this is my 99th post. To celebrate my 100th post on Mosehouse Studio I'll be offering a special give away, so if you drop by again in the next week or so, you'll find out all about it.
Enjoy the rest of your weekend.


Anonymous said…
gorgeous Bron! I found Elsita at one point and was completely blown away too. Your crafting attitude always inspires me. lots of love, Lisa

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