I'm very pleased to announce a giveaway of a copy of our latest chapbook from Pania Press - Northland by Michele Leggott. The book contains five lyric poems and an afterword by the author and is from a numbered edition of 75 copies. The text is printed on ivory coloured cardstock with chocolate brown liner card. Each copy is handstitched with forest green thread and covered in a decorative dustjacket with a gorgeous leafy print that reminded me of the lush terrain of Northland. The art historian in me couldn't resist making a little visual pun on McCahon's Northland Panels with the quirky labels on the cover.

To be in to win just leave a comment below and I'll draw the name of the lucky winner on Friday 24 September.

Please Note: If you don't have a Google account you can still enter the draw by choosing the anonymous comment option. As your comment won't lead me back to a blog or website be sure to leave your name in your message so that I can put your name in the hat!

Enjoy the rest of your week!


Anonymous said…
Gorgeous book Bronwyn :-)
Tin grew said…
I agree! Its beautiful
nicnac said…
very nice book.
Northland is home so i would love to own this one!
Brian said…
Such a class production, makes my bookbinding look very boring.

Brian Fitzsimons
Penny Simcox said…
This looks like a gorgeous book Bronwyn. I am besotted with Bookmaking,and have been for just over two years now. It would be an honour to own one of yours. I love poetry, and we had to learn many , many poems at school. I am at present making an Altered Book about the poems I had to learn.
The rest of your 'Works' look amazing too!
Madelaine said…
A beautifully designed and executed work. I'm sure Michele Leggott must be delighted to have her work incorporated so appropriately and exquisitely.
Anonymous said…
You show a great variety and they all look fascinating. I do love the Pop Ups.
Have you seen the Holloway Press book of Michele Leggott's poems?

Meliors Simms said…
It looks beautiful, I'd love to hold a copy... your books are always a texturally interesting as they are visually and textually
sanders said…
Your books look stunning! I would love to see one close up - especially one designed to reflect Michele Leggot's Northland poetry. Thank you for posting the pictures.
Brian said…
Numbered edition. Will make a killing when I sell it in a few years.
Guy said…
a gorgeous book inside and out!
Hey Bronwyn! thanks for you comments on my blog 'out of the wilderness' and thanks so much for the recommendation of Gecko Press. Now i see their website, i recall seeing books they've published in the past.
Great to see what you are doing too!
cheers. take it easy
Richard said…
Look at all these people shamelessly commenting to try to win a free book! Shame! Fie! (betwixt you and me - 'They all have huge incomes..' ): I, ("pauvre moi)", of course, have a deep appreciation of this wonderful culture you are promulgating Bronwyn.

Seriously: I really like Michelle Leggot's poetry - deep and intense language use - always a great joie de vie and energy also.

The book looks great of craft.

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