The past couple of Sundays have been spent gathering props for the I Spy game that will be part of my Children's exhibition at Objectspace which is opening on 6 November. I'll be creating a full-scale cardboard shop frontage and displaying the 'I Spy' props inside a large perspex vitrine. There will be game sheets for the children to play with simple clues for the little ones and more cryptic clues for the older kids.
The idea was inspired by the gorgeous photographic spreads of objects in the I Spy series of books published by Ashton Scholastic (see background to the photo below).

The tin rooster and the tiny tea service came from the Sunday car boot sale in Takapuna.
The knitted and fabric animals are from my own collection, but the wooden wildlife has been kindly supplied by June and the nautical props have been borrowed from John. This is a particularly splendid ship in a bottle
and I couldn't resist putting my gnome brooch in this tiny wooden sail boat.
He looks pretty chuffed.
The baby's moved in with the robin and her eggs.
The owl likes his new rocking chair, but the giraffe seems a bit confused!

The felt angel and the shoemaker are having a nice time, and Zero, who loves the limelight, is starring in the sellout season of the Tortoiseshell Monologues in the world famous winebox theatre...


Tin grew said…
This is going to be a wonder of a show B!

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