four views of wolfy

Jack is, by now, very used to my show and tell sessions of random items acquired during my regular op-shopping excursions around the North Shore. Generally he nods and smiles and tries to feign enthusiasm for my haul of goodies, like boxes of Agee jars, lengths of vintage fabric, cards of buttons, and nana-knitted socks. But when I arrived home last week with an oil portrait of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart tucked under my arm, bought for $8.00 from the Brown's Bay SPCA charity shop, Jack found himself at a loss for words. In fact, all he did say was 'please don't hang it in the bedroom. I really don't want his face to be the first thing I see in the morning' (or words to that effect).
Despite Jack's opinion, I happen to love this portrait painted by M. Gregory and I've affectionately named him Wolfy. I hope he'll be happy here, hanging on my office wall with a basket of op-shop toys dangling overhead, embroideries nearby, and an old violin case with orange felt lining propped up in the corner next to him.


Maureen Shaw said…
Love it! I nearly bought this dear man for myself. So pleased he went to a good home. Love SPCA Brown's Bay especially on a Saturday as the ladies are so nice. Mavis is a hunny.

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