I was having a pleasant time browsing in the Lopdell House Gallery shop before a poetry event on Friday night when I spotted these pretty little beaded felt brooches made by artist Tabatha Forbes sitting on the counter. I think she calls them 'Mrs Darcy's' brooches. They come packaged in a paper doily envelope tied with red ribbon, which I thought was very pretty, so I made a quick purchase of a pair in grey and crimson before the shop closed.

The new duo make a nice addition to my oddball assortment of brooches that includes a tin butterfly, a scenic slide brooch, a plastic vase that I bought from the Hawke's Bay Art Gallery shop during the Black Dress White Vase exhibition a few years ago, and a cute brooch by Justine Fletcher with a circle of vintage fabric sandwiched between two plastic discs.
Here are a selection of close-ups:

a mother-of-pearl rickshaw - a gift from my sister

A coral brooch by Meliors Simms festooned with French knots that I was lucky enough to win in one of her blog giveaways.
This striking piece was a gift from my friend Mark back in 1992. It had a long silver snake dangling from it but it overbalanced the brooch, so I removed it. I was never told the name of the jeweller who made it, but I'd love to know.

This lovely blue bead cluster was made by my ex-hubby in 1992. It looks great on my black wool jacket.

And this ribbon star cluster was made by jeweller Areta Wilkinson who kindly sent it to me as a PhD graduation gift.

I hope you're having a lovely Sunday. I'm supposed to be writing a catalogue essay, but the contents of my jewellery box distracted me...


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