a bit of silliness

Among the piles of materials awaiting transformation in my craft cupboard  I came across a selection of moody scenic postcards that I've found in various art gallery shops. I thought it might be fun to turn them into very basic kinetic postcards using cut-out illustrations from a selection of mangled, torn and scribbled on picture books found at op-shops and flea markets.

Here's the result:

Mrs Bunny and Baby Bunny hurried home in time for tea, waving to Mr Squirrel as they passed his purple house.

The kinetic technique involves cutting a directional slit in the card and attaching a cardboard tab to the back of the moving element. This is tucked through the slit and hangs down from the bottom of the card and you slide it across to set the character in motion.
This is what the tab looks like at the back. It needs to extend both ways above and below the slit in order to anchor the cut-out image.
Lizzy was so busy with her gardening that she strode across the courtyard and failed to notice Humpty Dumpty sitting on the birdbath.

On winter mornings Lizzy liked to take her pet elephant for a paddle in the ice lake. The elephant pretended to enjoy it, but in truth he didn't much like getting cold feet. 

The woman in yellow stared with wonder at the ice cream sundae fountain as a red bird flew overhead.

"It looks like rain" said the dog, so he opened his red umbrella and set off across the field. The red bird flying overhead admired the dog's panache.


Cerian said…
I really like these Bronwyn - have you ever thought of writing and illustrating a children's book?

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