One of the great things about having so many writers in the family is that notebooks are always welcome as presents. The Molskine range (I think that's how it's spelt) produce packs of three card-covered notebooks with thin ruled lines and stitched binding. I bought two sets in black and manilla, and I've embellished them with vintage stamps (continuing with the postal theme of this year's gifts). I love the detail of each stamp and really enjoy putting together each composition.

I'm always on the hunt for good plain notebooks, and I discovered a stack of perfect 50 page lined notebooks in the $3.00 Daibo store on Queen Street last week. They are a bit smaller than the standard school exercise book and have brown card covers, perfect for embellishment. I'm afraid that I bought all they had in stock, but there are still some unlined ones there for you to buy.

I decorated some with rubber stamps and others with shapes and flowers cut from a couple of rolls of vinyl wallpaper I found in a retro shop on a recent trip to Christchurch.

 Next up - Jack's special Christmas present.

After that I shift from paper to fabric
and then it will be sunfrocks and soft furnishings
for the rest of the week!

 I hope your own present productions are going well!


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