making inroads

One of my goals for 2012 is to make inroads into my existing stash of vintage textiles, rather than continuing to add to it. For 11 years I've been intending to turn this gorgeous appliqued and embroidered tablecloth (unusable as such because of a large yellow stain in the middle) into pretty pillowcases. I made a pair today, and there's probably enough fabric remaining to make a couple more besides.

(detail and back-view)

I like to look after my books, but I also like to take a book away with me when I travel, which brings with it the risk of the book getting damaged. An easy problem to resolve as it turns out. Using a small cross-stitched table-runner, I sewed two seams along the edges, and hey presto, a practical and pretty bookbag!

The bookbag is perfect for transporting my Everyman edition of Alice Munro's Selected Stories to Martinborough next week where I'm helping my brother and his partner settle into their new house.

See you at the beginning of Feb. Hasn't this month flown by!


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