One Piece Paper Models

Earlier this week I found this intriguing looking paper model book in the craft section of a second hand bookshop in Whangarei. I could hardly believe that the boat on the cover could be made from a single piece of card, with a series of folds and slots holding it together,  but that is indeed the case for this and a whole range of other models designed by George Aspen and illustrated in the book One Piece of Card (1973). Here are some other examples from the book:

I couldn't wait to get started making models, so I spent the morning making a couple of templates and undecorated pieces from the book.

First up Materials:

Tracing paper, plain card, a pencil, a stanley knife and an acto knife, a kiniiting needle for scoring folds and a bone folder for achieving nice crisp edges.

Project One: A Perching Bird:

I make a template from tracing paper first, which I then transfer to card. I then trace this onto better quality watercolour paper for the actual bird.
One bird ready for decoration

Project two: 6 Houses

I can see that I'm going to have a lot of fun with this book.  Easy to assemble free-standing models using a single piece of card could very well become my new favourite thing!

Have a great weekend everyone!


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