The time had come to replace our dear old 1960s carpet with its unusual faultline design scattered here and there with red and lime green flowers. Of course, replacing the carpet involved packing up our entire unit, hence the absence of crafting activities lately.
The kitchen temporarily housed our books and papers with limited access to the fruit bowl and Zero's feeding zone.

We're in the process of putting everything back in order again and taking the opportunity to spring-clean and have a clear out of accumulated stuff that we will never use. There'll be a few op-shop runs over the next week or two, that's for sure. I hope to be back crafting again by the end of the month in my newly de-cluttered craft room with a big Lundia shelving system to neatly display all my craft supplies (a much appreciated uber-practical early birthday prezzy from June and Jack).
I'll give you a tour of my new craft space soon.

Have a great weekend.


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