paper dolls etc.

The great sort-out of the Ross household continues. It's turned out to be something of an epic job. Fortunately though, in among the hundreds of dusty boxes in the basement, I come across some lovely bits and pieces. Favourite finds during the weekend include two paper-doll sets owned by Jack's sister Anne. One is a My Fair Lady set and the other is a 'Costumes of the World' set. I had a fun afternoon playing dress ups.
In a box with a wonkily drawn crayon sign saying 'KEEP OUT - I MEAN IT' I came across these dear little matchbox cars and trucks. I like the fact that they're scuffed and well-used. I'm not one for keeping toys in boxes to preserve their value. They're made to be played with as far as I'm concerned! Anyway, they're now arranged as a convoy on my window-sill.

Have a lovely week.


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