boldly sewing (part two)

I've made a start on my second sewing project adapted from a vintage needlecraft design in Rosemary McLeod's book With Bold Needle & Thread (2013). Here's a link to the first project I completed from the book recently. This time, I'm keen to try a more complicated form of felt appliqué, so I'll be referring to the pattern below for inspiration, which McLeod sourced from a 1934 Needlewoman magazine.

I've decided to make a bag rather than a cushion and I've cut my own shapes instead of replicating the exact design in the book.

A gorgeous stack of wool felt squares arrived from America yesterday (a very generous birthday prezzy from my awesome Mum-in-law), so although I have a load of essays to mark, I couldn't resist making a start on the appliqué bag.

This is the basic pattern I've come up with. 
Now the fun part begins...


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