making a 3d paper scene

For best results, choose an image (or draw one) that has a clear foreground, mid-ground and background. I'm using a page from a 1972 calendar with pictures of German castles.

Carefully cut out the background, foreground and mid-ground of the picture.

Glue the background onto a piece of card and then glue strips of foam board around the edges to affix the next raised layer.

Glue the mid-ground into place and add further strips of foam board for the final layer.

Glue the foreground to the inside of a piece of coloured cardboard matting, which acts as a frame for the 3d picture.
It's as easy as that!

This one is going to be a birthday card, so I mounted a black card on the back with room for my written message, and I added an illustrated border cut from another of the calendar pictures.


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