paper play

I had a relaxing day in town yesterday with my friend Isabel and we went to see Peter Madden's excellent exhibition of collages at Ivan Anthony Gallery on K Road. The show inspired me to play around with paper today, so I made a few simple collages to turn into cards.

 A lady mysteriously emerges from a pot of geraniums

A magic doorway appears in a boat and a maid ushers a gentleman out

The girl had everything her heart desired 

except for a little brother and sister

The village was so peaceful

until the stilt-walkers arrived!

The woman had a rather prickly personality


 Still life

Still life with lady and mirror
Still life with punt

It was hard to get the girl to smile

You'd think this would have worked, but alas, it did not.

ps: if you click on the first image you can view them as a slideshow, which has a strangely filmic effect with the before and after shots.


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