Felt Reliefs

A weekend of vigorous felting produced eight colourful striped combinations (that's four double-sided pieces) to play around with. Precision isn't possible with felting, so I've had to let go of the desire to produce straight lines and embrace the delights of wonkiness.

Felt Relief 2
Felt Relief 3
Felt Relief 4
Hmmm, I'm not sure why the edges of the reliefs appear curved in the photos because they are cut straight - there must be some kind of distortion that takes place in the act of photographing them. 

The plan is to make loads of striped compositions so that there is the option of putting together duos and trios.

ps: I inadvertently deleted my next post about my ongoing experiments with felt. I resolved the wonkiness issue I was having by framing the felt compositions. Here are a couple of framed felt reliefs:



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