Valentine at home

I finally got around to restoring Valentine to working order. She's a Victorian penny doll, with thin pieces of wood skewered through her joints so that they bend, but at some point someone glued one of her legs in place so that she could only stand, and both her arms had fallen off. Toothpicks, a power drill and a fine saw were needed to repair her and now she can stand and sit again (and she can even knit!). 

To celebrate Valentine's newly restored mobility I made her a new dress with a lace collar, and created a cosy sitting room for her. The little sofa is constructed from an old jewellery box with four pawns from a chess set for the chair legs and a grey linen serviette as upholstery fabric. I found the chest of drawers, the painted Japanese screen, and the other accessories for her living room from various op-shops around and about, and the knitted dogs came from the Browns Bay market.

She looks very happy in her new room!


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