My tired old brain needed a rest after a few marathon thesis writing sessions so I thought I'd spend the morning finishing Jack's pop-up poem. The first job was to print the backing sheet with a fairly random maze and the title:

Then I printed the other side with a closer grouping of stamps because only a small area will be visible behind the pop-ups to provide a point of contrast:

Next up the four text blocks are taped into position and the backing sheet folded:

Then the nail biting moment of fitting the parts together:

So Close!!!! I knew that darn triple staircase would trip me up (no pun intended) - there must have been the teeniest discrepancy in my measurements so the two seams are not quite flush - but never mind - everything still folds out nicely so nearly perfect will just have to do.

and here's the other side:

Now I just need to make a nice slip case for it and Bob's your Uncle! (weird expression that one) I absolutely have to resist the urge to give it to Jack before his birthday, which is still two whole weeks away. It might seem like a lot of work for a tiny 14 line poem but I reckon it was worth it.


kimberlee said…
that is amazing, you have such talent and patience!
It is really beautiful.
A MAXITAUR, I reckon.
Many xxxx
Lisa Williams said…
what did you use to print with ?

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