Textile Printing

Three metres of gauzy sky blue linen came my way during the week courtesy of my reliable local oppie and that determined the project for my weekly craft day - my first attempt at hand-printing on fabric.

Using Lena Corwin's Printing By Hand as a guide, I laid out a simple leafy composition of textured shapes and stuck them onto a piece of thick glass (a shelf from the fridge). Using a transparent backing means that you can easily line up your repeat patterns on the fabric.

I mixed a batch of ink in battleship grey and off I went...

While the grey was drying I added some smaller berry shapes to the design and removed the first lot of stamps. Then I mixed a batch of ruby red ink and went over the fabric a second time.

And there you have it - after an hour of ironing to set the ink, a pretty summer print to be turned into a floaty linen frock on my next craft day.


Graham said…
Hey Bron,
More cool stuff eh! Love that textured print.. I wish I was half as productive during my weekends! G
Anonymous said…
Woman you are amazing, I wish I was in Ak to witness your extensive new wardrobe. Have been thinking about doing similar with the no budget wardrobe but haven't got my A into G yet.


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