some say less is more

Not me!
More is more as far as I'm concerned.

Here's the completed backdrop and shelf/branch for the yellow bird. Jack thinks I've gone completely bonkers, but I'm a colour enthusiast and I don't think there are enough bright and outrageous things in people's homes.

I saw the movie Carrington recently - a lovely film about the English artist Dora Carrington and her relationship with writer, Lytton Strachey. Perhaps the thing I liked best about the movie was seeing Carrington transform a plain country cottage into a work of art - she painted beautiful murals on all the walls and filled every nook and cranny with decorative paintings, so that the eye was always drawn to something wherever you looked. That's my kind of house!

In the process of making the wallpaper backdrops for the birds I hatched the idea of making individual 'wallflowers' that can be pinned to the wall in random places around the home to add a little colour and drama to the quiet spots above doorways, around windows etc - those areas that wouldn't ordinarily be decorated. Clusters of flowers might be nice too.

Hmmm, lots of possibilities...


Meliors Simms said…
I'm with you! Lots of colour, lots of detail, lots of beauty all please me. Your birds and their backdrops are gorgeous.
Lisa Baudry said…
i love that movie too - carrington that is.
also your concept for the birds is so great. would love to see them in real life sometime : ) xxx lisa

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