pin board inspiration (for Lucy)

Lucy Patterson has just written a post about the beautiful array of images and things currently adorning her pinboard. Because I've declared today a guilt-free pyjama day, I thought I'd do a show-and-tell of my own pinboard, so here it is:

Two unattractive plastic sleeves containing cut strips for a set of willow and cherry wallpaper beads and a cut out fabric tui that needs to be sewn up ready to go to its new home with Karl Chitham.
a tiny watercolour of an elephant by my father-in-law (rescued from the basement)

a hot air balloon necklace prototype made from an old clothbound book cover

Two little drawings my sister sent me when she was doing a poetry fellowship in Iowa.
The tiny painted drawing pin is by Whanganui artist Alan Holdaway - I used to have a set of 10, but sadly only this one remains.

A very sweet embroidered bag containing various bits and pieces including a lovely letter I received from writer Jennifer Compton saying how much she enjoyed my very first published short story in Landfall a couple of years ago. I was too shy to write back, so I would like to say thank you Jennifer. Your letter meant a lot to me.

a piece of old wallpaper

a decadent image sent to me by my sis

a tiny card found inside an old book

a colourful postcard by Grant Banbury

a cheerful pull-toy

a cute card decorated with a vintage kid's book illustration sent by Tessa Rain
On top of my pinboard is a plastic fish called Ish who was rescued from a novelty bar of soap and a ballerina who came in an old tin filled with buttons, ric rac and ribbon sent by my sis.

three paintings of wobbly vessels by Wendy Kleustul rescued from my local oppie.
two woodblock numbers found in an antique shop in Thorndon

So that's my eclectic pinboard at the moment. I hope more of you will respond to Lucy's post and let us know what inspires you.


Hi Bronwyn

I LOVE that you posted your pin board in response my blog! Thank you for sharing and keeping on the dialogue. I find other people's creative spaces so inspiring because they're absolutely personal and idiosyncratic and eclectic. Your mixture of images and objects and the stories that go with them was a joy to explore. Thank you! You've made my day : )

Have a lovely guilt-free pyjama day! Sounds like a very sensible decision on such a wild and wintry day.
Lucy xx

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