Pop Riveter

I had a productive holiday weekend catching up on a couple of long overdue projects. The plan had been to make up our Pania Press edition of Jen Crawford's poetry chapbook Pop Riveter during the Easter break, but what with one thing and another, it ended up being Queen's Birthday weekend before I could get to it. That seems to be the way of things this year.

Never mind, I'm pleased with the finished result. I loved working with all the colour combinations and the pocket-size A6 format is really cute. I also like the way that the geometric elements are all slightly wonky, which is what makes hand-crafted things special as far as I'm concerned. Each copy comes in a snazzy envelope made from calico bookcloth which will protect the hand-collaged details on the covers from wear and tear.

I wrote about Jen's book in an earlier post which you can read here and if you want to own a copy of Pop Riveter you are very welcome to place an order here.

Enjoy the rest of your week.


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