Jack and I have been enjoying a well earned week off after a very full-on time of it lately. One of our favourite pastimes is to jump in the car and head off for spontaneous day-trips. Yesterday, the Hauraki Plains was our destination of choice, and we stopped in at Ngatea, Paeroa and Thames before heading home in the late afternoon. Without realising it, I must have been channeling the vintage loot fairy because boy oh boy did I find some lovely things along the way. My favourite find of the day was a small tartan suitcase with a white plastic handle from Time Traveller in Paeroa.  In the same store I bought a pair of emerald green gloves that look pretty snazzy with the case.

This perfect little mustard spoon came from the Brown's Bay Market last Sunday.

This satin lined cane sewing basket came from Time Traveller's sister shop a couple of stores down the road in Paeroa along with this gorgeous round powder box .

There's a great craft book section in the second-hand bookshop in Ngatea where I found an excellent 1950s sewing book with gorgeous illustrations:

I also found a 1960s book of children's crafts that includes a fantastic selection of doll house designs, one of which has a fully landscaped garden and a swimming pool! I'm definitely putting one of those on my to-do list.

Assorted other books came from a cool bric-a-brac shop in Thames.

Even though I sew cushions myself, I couldn't go past these barkcloth and button beauties  in a shop called Bounty on the main street in Thames. Each one is made from a different combination of contrasting fabrics and the moment I saw them I knew they'd make great Christmas prezzies.

All in all, it was a fabulous day-trip!
Have a great weekend.


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