Moholy's House

After my paper furniture play earlier in the week, I felt inspired to make more, so I decided to attempt a proper Bauhaus interior.

Step 1: I made a rough sketch based on the image below of the open-plan living room of a house designed in Dessau in 1926 by Bauhaus Professor, Laszlo Moholy Nagy.

As you can plainly see, I can't draw to save myself, and as for perspective, forget about it!!
Never mind, being able to draw is not a prerequisite for successful paper crafting.  Basic maths skills are useful though.

Step 2 - Cut away the top and two sides of a wine box and put in the walls and floor of the room. In this case, Moholy Nagy's design has a two-piece corner unit. Perhaps it's a door leading to another room, or maybe it leads to a storage cupboard. At any rate, I factored a version of it into my model.

Step 3: Do a scale test before you begin making the furniture and jot down some approximate measurements.

Step 4: Start designing your furniture. Most of the pieces I make are adapted from these few designs in one of my model making books.

Step 5: Make templates for pieces you'll be making a number of times. Label them clearly.

Step 6: Have fun filling your paper room.

Now that I have the basic furniture in place, I can begin to accessorise the room with books, plants and soft furnishings. That sounds like a good Saturday activity!

It's model madness around here!


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