I've had a busy but very pleasant weekend making up some Pania Press stock for a book table that I'm overseeing at a Trans Tasman Poetry Symposium taking place at Auckland University this coming Thursday and Friday. The Symposium is called Short Takes on Long Poems .  Click on the link to find out all about it.

I thought I'd present an eye-catching display of a few different kinds of Pania publications, rather than opting for the usual sort of neatly stacked piles of books that are the norm at these kinds of events.

 There will be three 'Lounge Room Tribalism' collage poems

Five 'Britain's Missing Top Model' collage poems

  The last five copies of Love in Wartime which I made new cross-stitched wallpaper covers for.

 Five copies of Michele Leggott's Northland

And if time permits between marking student assignments, I hope to make up a few copies of this pop-up prototype of a poem called 'Ferris Wheel' written by my sister Therese Lloyd:

I was amazing a crowd of gentle revellers
When I realised I'd answered yes
To the wrong question
A spoke forked off the Ferris wheel
And I dangled from it
I noticed the stillness and distance
Of both sky and land
In the middle
I gave height to nothing

Have a productive week!


Looks wonderful as always !

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