frankie cut-outs

Mother's Day came around and I realised that my handmade card stock had run out, and my envelopes full of cut-outs from kids' books and magazines were completely empty. Frankie Magazine is always a great source for collage elements, so over breakfast yesterday, I cut out an assortment of cute illustrations from a few recent issues Frankie.
Here's the Mother's Day card I made for Jack's lovely Mum - a cute pair of teacups on a decorative Japanese paper background with a little extra visual interest created by having the cup handles over-hanging the edge of the card.
The process of cutting out the figures resulted in a variety of silhouettes, which look quite lovely grouped together.
 I can see a lot of design potential in these overlapping silhouettes that I'm definitely going to explore further.

Before I knew it, strange things started to happen. This is often the way with paper crafts. A little girl in a yellow coat stood in a teaspoon.
 Can you spot which cups are paper and which are china?

That was fun! 
Now I just need to stick them onto cards.
Have a lovely week.


Tazey said…
Hmmm, interesting. There's something of the caged domestic goddess here, comforted by but quietly rebelling against her own constructed bliss…shadows looming, arms outstretched, handles reaching into the abyss…I like it.

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