I'm always looking for interesting ways to use up fabric scraps. You can read a couple of previous posts on the subject here and here. Recently I bought a stylish book of simple knitting patterns compiled by Erika Knight (London: Quadrille, 2010). Among the selection of patterns for scarves, hats, pillows and throws in the book, I spotted a pattern for a rag bag made from fabric scraps knitted together.  Ever since I bought a beautiful rag rug by Auckland textile artist Alison Milne about ten years ago, I've been keen to have a go at making one myself, so I've made a start using Erika Knight's instructions as a guide.

In the illustration above you'll see instructions about how to cut a piece of scrap fabric in such a way as to generate a single length of yarn. After doing so with a piece of lightweight printed cotton, I cast on 12 stitches onto 12mm needles and started knitting my first rag rug strip in simple stocking stitch.

Knitting loosely, the piece grows quickly, which is always satisfying. I can see it's going to be a fun project to chip away at in the evenings after a tiring day of teaching. I plan to leave a length of fabric yarn at the end of each completed strip to use to sew all the pieces together when I have enough to make a rug.

Useful Tip: Put a towel over your clothes when you are knitting rag rug strips. You tend to get covered in frayed fibres from the yarn.


Helen said…
I like your choice of fabric - the dots make the end product look lovely and painterly.
Ah... You are definitely inspiring me to cut up some of my fabric that I am not so fond of. I used to make crocheted pot holder pads from strips of fabric and they lasted forever. And I am very intrigued by you paper creations.
My brother, Troy Howell is a published children's author and illustrator, his latest is 'The Dragon of Cripple Creek'. He also illustrated all of the American edition jacket covers for British author Brian Jacques who wrote more than twenty books in the 'Red Wall' series children's book in the United Kingdom. Congratulations to your sister!
Teresa in California

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