We're busy preparing for a book launch next Sunday to celebrate the publication of a new title from Pania Press (the small imprint I run with Jack). The book is a collaboration between Jack and artist Emma Smith and includes translations by Jack of poems written by German poet Paul Celan (1920-70), which were included in letters written to his artist wife, Gisele. Emma has translated her reading of Celan's poetry into a suite of haunting images (see examples above), which are presented as two portfolios in the book. Although it's a departure from our usual style of handmade Pania Press book, it is a lovely production, designed by Brett Cross (Titus Books) and his partner, artist Ellen Portch.

The launch is taking place in Jack's parents gorgeous old fashioned backyard with Albertine roses flourishing along the fence and fruit trees in leaf. We thought it would be nice to exhibit Emma's drawings at the launch, and Jack's Dad has kindly agreed to let us use a little building on the property that was formerly his surgery.

The only obstacle associated with this kind offer was that since John retired in 2001, the surgery has become a place where he accumulates all manner of stuff.

 Still, I like a good challenge. Four days (and a sore back) later it looked like this:

Emma will hang her framed works in the yellow waiting room, where they will be available for sale for $250.00 each, and the small blue space through the sliding door will be used to display Pania Press stock, as well as a few bits and pieces from Mosehouse Studio, in case people want to do a spot of Christmas shopping (in addition to buying a copy of Celanie of course!).

I've made a batch of dear little octagonal purses inspired by Jill McDonald's 1960s illustrations for the School Journal.
There's also a pile of colourful scatter cushions in linen and silk for people to pick and choose from.

An assortment of brooches

Plus, a nice selection of book bags made from linen remnants and silk kimono sleeves. Each one contains a lined notebook.

 I'll post lots of pictures of the launch.
Fingers crossed for a sunny day!


Tazey said…
Everything looks so crisp and lovely! Those book bags are gorgeous and could also work as an elegant clutch bag (not to sound like too much of a fashion dick). Looking forward to it!
Anonymous said…
The moment I saw the picture of those octagonal purses I could picture the school journal immediately. Well done!

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