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Selected Pania Press publications 2007-2013

I presented a talk on small press publishing at Unitec on Wednesday night as part of the Objectspace Talkfest programme. I've posted the text here on our Pania Press blog if you are interested in taking a look.

Published Writing & Work in Progress

Forthcoming Publications:


‘Meliors Simms – An Agent of Change’. Commissioned essay for the book Crafting Aotearoa, Eds., Karl Chitham, Kolokesa Mahina-Tuai & Damian Skinner, Te Papa Press, Wellington.

‘The unexploded bomb’. Commissioned essay about Raewyn Atkinson’s ceramic work Norfolk Blues in the book, Objectspace Anthology. Objectspace, Auckland.


“Afterlife”. (Short story) brief 56, Ed. Olivia Macassey.



‘I for Indifference’ and ‘H for Habit’. Two short stories in the conference anthology Influence and Confluence: East and West – A Global Anthology on the Short Story. Ed. Maurice A. Lee, East China Normal University Press, Shanghai.


‘An interview with Dr Softbod’. Commissioned essay about a ceramic sculpture by June Black for the exhibition Empire of Dirt, curated by Doris de Pont, Objectspace, Auckland.

‘The Imaginarium of June Black’. Feature article in Art New Zealand, 156.


‘Beyond the Narrow Door: Inside the Mysterious world of Bronwynne Cornish’. A review of Bronwynne Cornish’s survey exhibition Mudlark at Hawke’s Bay’s MTG, Art New Zealand, 150.

‘T for Thief’ and ‘S for Sock’. (Two short stories) brief 50, Ed. Alex Wild.


‘Lord Smoking Squirrel’s Cacao Cup: Tessa Laird’s Pocket-Sized Utopias’. Commissioned essay for the exhibition Freedom Farmers curated by Natasha Conland, Auckland Art Gallery.

‘I am the Waka’. Catalogue essay for Graham Fletcher’s exhibition Sugar Loaf Waka at Melanie Roger Gallery Auckland.

‘A Preposition Shows Relation’. (Three short stories) brief 47, Ed. Alex Wild.


‘Reading a House’. Commissioned essay about Luke Willis-Thompson’s exhibition inthisholeonthisislandwhereiam in the peer-reviewed journal, Scope, Dunedin School of Art, Otago Polytechnic.

‘A figure of polished desolation’. Afterword about a suite of drawings by Emma Smith in the publication Celanie: poems and drawings after Paul Celan by Jack Ross and Emma Smith, Auckland: Pania Press.

‘A goose by any other name’. Commissioned essay for the exhibition Colonial Goose by jeweller Pauline Bern, Auckland: Rim Books.

‘Flight of the Fancy Fool’. Commissioned story for the exhibition Fancy Fools’ Flight by glass artists Jim Dennison and Leanne Williams (Crystal Chain Gang) Whanganui: Sarjeant Gallery.


The Second Location. A collection of short stories. Auckland: Titus Books.

‘Silt Castles and Buried Safety Pins’. Catalogue essay for the exhibition Lugosi’s Children curated by Bronwyn Lloyd and Karl Chitham, Objectspace, Auckland.

‘Taumau’. Commissioned essay for the exhibition Taumau by Rona Ngahuia Osborne, Artstation, Auckland.


One Brown Box: A Storybook Exhibition for Children. Five adapted fairytales, curated by Bronwyn Lloyd and Karl Chitham, Objectspace, Auckland.

‘feet of clay and feats of clay’. Commissioned essay for the Portage Ceramic Awards, Lopdell House Gallery, Titirangi.

New Zealand Art: From Cook to Contemporary. (Revised Edition). Ed. William McAloon. Wellington: Te Papa Press. Reprint of commissioned essays on five art works by Gretchen Albrecht, Richard Killeen, Jacqueline Fahey, Jean Horsley, Rita Angus.


Far Far Away: Romance, Anxiety and the Uncertainty of Place. A collection of nine short stories commissioned by curator Karl Chitham for the group exhibition Far Far Away at the Hokianga Art Gallery.

Art at Te Papa, Ed. William McAloon, Wellington: Te Papa Press. Commissioned essays on five art works by Gretchen Albrecht, Richard Killeen, Jacqueline Fahey, Jean Horsley, Rita Angus.


'Rita Angus's Pacifist Vision'. Commissioned essay for the travelling survey exhibition, Rita Angus Life & Vision, Wellington: Te Papa Press.

'It goes like this Gordon'. Short story, Orange Roughy, Auckland: Pania Press.

'The half-life of haberdashery'. Commissioned essay for Katharina Jaeger’s exhibition Fold, Campbell Grant Galleries, Christchurch.

'Reading the Leaves'. Commissioned essay for Emily Siddell’s exhibition Inflorescence, FHE Galleries, Auckland.


'Sink or Swim’. Short story, Landfall, Issue 214.

'Some Traditions'. Short story, read by Rachel Nash, National Radio.

'Tar-Babies and Taboos'. Commissioned essay for Graham Fletcher’s exhibition The Eternals, Anna Bibby Gallery, Auckland.


'Some Traditions'. Short story performed as a monologue by Rachel Nash, directed by Paul Gittens, The Actors Lounge, Auckland.

Ursula Bethell's Watercolours, exhibition at the MacMillan Brown Library, Christchurch and online essay []


'The Gift'. Commissioned essay for the exhibition Talking About curated by Damian Skinner, Objectspace, Auckland.

‘Art Gods & Underdogs – The Tragi-Comic World of Mark Braunias’. Commissioned essay, Lopdell House Gallery, Auckland.


‘Richard Parker’. Commissioned essay for a survey exhibition of Richard Parker’s ceramics, Lopdell House Gallery, Auckland.

'Alice'. Creative piece for Katharina Jaeger’s exhibition Outlet, Lopdell House Gallery, Auckland.


‘A Life in Shapes: Gretchen Albrecht’. Commissioned essay for the survey exhibition Gretchen Albrecht: Illuminations, curated by Ron Brownson at Auckland Art Gallery.

‘Between Fine and Folk: The Paintings of Teuane Tibbo’. Feature article in Art New Zealand,105.

‘Nancy’. Catalogue essay for an exhibition of paintings by Katja Fabig, Louise Stevenson, Jane Henzell and Emma Smith, Lopdell House Gallery, Auckland.


‘Gretchen Albrecht’s Ovals: The Poetics of the Shape’. Commissioned essay for the exhibition Gretchen Albrecht Ovals – New Paintings, Robert Steele Gallery, New York.

‘Shapes to Part the Space,’ Commissioned essay for the group exhibition Glass, Eon Gallery, Auckland.


Richard Killeen: Every Picture Tells a Story’. Feature article in Art New Zealand, 95.

‘Suite Talk’. Commissioned essay for the exhibition Suite by furniture designer Katy Wallace, Eon Gallery, Auckland.


‘The Book of the Hook,’ Stories we tell ourselves: The Paintings of Richard Killeen. Papers from a Seminar. Auckland Art Gallery.


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