The Nightingale (page two)

Every year I make Jack something special for Christmas. This year I thought it was about time I made the second pop-up page of Jack's English translation of 'The Nightingale' by Marie de France. I made the first page last year. Here are some images of the process:

 I always start by making a basic mock-up of the design so that I get all the measurements right.

Then I make the pop up forms in nice card.

Next, I decorate the text panels and stick them in place.

The scene in this part of the poem is at night, with the two lovers staring across at one another from their neighbouring castles and exchanging small tokens of their love. You can see the nightingale perched in the branches of a tree.

and here are the two furtive lovers.

the completed page

I made a cardboard hinge to join the two pop-ups together. I wish the text panels were positioned in the same place, but never mind. It still looks pretty cool. There are still two pop-up spreads to make as well as the cover and a fancy slipcase, but he'll have to wait until next Christmas for those! 



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