a simple shift

A relaxing day of sewing resulted in a simple pull-over shift dress made out of the sketchy Nani Iro hillside print. Accessorize it with my Rachel Bell Willow Spoon pendant and voila - I have a chic new summer look.
I used the Butterick pattern below for this dress. It has a clever horizontal dart at the bustline, which gives the dress some shape. I modified the pattern slightly by doubling the width of the sleeve bands to give the dress a more Japanese flavour to go with the fabric. The sleeves on my dress are elbow length. The total cost of this dress was $90 for three metres of fabric. I think it's worth paying a bit more for quality fabric that will last a number of years.

Up next, a bulb shaped skirt and a simple top. That's the incentive I need to burn through a pile of essay marking!


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