narrative bag

I'm a bit of a shocker when it comes to completing projects, so I thought that before I started on a few secret Christmas projects this year, I'd finally complete a bag I began over two years ago. You can read about the development of this narrative bag here.

I have a stash of bag handles that I've cut from old op-shop bags. It's much cheaper than buying  handles new from craft stores. This pair of simple wooden handles were perfect for the bag because they keep the image on the front nice and flat.

The bag has now taken up position among my everyday bags hanging on the orange coat-rack in the hall that I bought recently from a maker called Lovewine on Felt. The coat rack is upcycled from the stave of a wine barrel and you can pick whatever colour you like from the Karen Walker range when you place your order. I chose orange because it's my favourite colour.

I hope your Christmas preparations are going smoothly.


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