sewing sis

I was going to sew my sister Therese a summer dress for Christmas, but I decided that a better gift would be to to teach her to sew. There's an age-gap of seven years between us and for some reason Mum taught me to sew but she never got round to teaching Therese, so I thought it was high time we rectified that! We got her a second-hand sewing machine for Christmas and she completed her first two projects while she was here: a gorgeous bat-wing sleeve top and a simple A-line skirt.

How chic does she look in this ensemble with her pale grey culottes, gold Minnie Cooper sandles and her new ceramic bangles!

 And for a casual beach look, a cute skirt in a bold tropical print.

The skills she learned through these two projects were sewing a neck facing onto a top, sewing darts to shape the waist-line of the skirt, and inserting a zip. She's a natural!


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