one thought leads to another...

What I love most about crafting is that when you're working away on something, another related idea nearly always pops up. Yesterday's tinkering with sashiko stitching got me thinking about combining quilting and darning, which reminded me of an old darned blanket that was among a bag of mended textiles I rescued from the home of my sister-in-law Celia's late grandmother in 2012. I wrote about the pieces here.

And thinking about the old blanket reminded me that I had 10 copies of the Pania Press edition of Frances Kelly's short story First Fall (2014) that I still needed to complete. I wrote about Fran's book here

Suddenly, all the thoughts combined and the idea of making quilted book covers for the remaining 10 books using kimono fabric and swatches of Granny Jenkins old blanket popped up. You see what I mean about the quietly simmering machinations of the crafter's mind!

Granny Jenkins cluster of darned stitches are near the base of the white cross.

This seems to me like the perfect textile project to be chipping away at as autumn arrives and the new semester begins.


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