Valentine's Room

Jack and Therese think I've gone way over the top with this one - perhaps the quilted bed for the knitted dogs is a step too far, but it seems only reasonable that in addition to day-wear, dear Valentine needs a nightgown and a comfortable place to rest her weary wooden head.

I made her a pretty nightgown from an old linen tablecloth and added lace trim to the neck and hem.

The bed is made from six old clothes pegs, painted brown (four for the legs and two for the headboard), a sturdy shoebox lid, and a piece of corrugated card, which is secured to the bed base with a couple of wooden skewers. 

Add a stuffed linen mattress, a crisp white sheet, a plump pillow 
and a colourful quilt, and Valentine's cosy bed is complete.

For the bedroom furnishings I painted a small box and glued the four bishops from an old wooden chess set to the bottom so that they became turned legs. A birthday candle fitted perfectly into the candlestick and I added a water jug and a cup to Valentine's bedside table.

An old jewellery box found in the basement has become a slim wooden chest at the end of the bed that holds Valentine's clothes. Four pawns from the chess set have been glued to the base, which means that the dogs get to sleep at Valentine's feet in their own little bed.

Now really, I ask you, how is that over the top?


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