Printing Experiments

I'm always on the lookout for new printing ideas for Pania Press so I was really excited when I read about the recently published book Printing by Hand by New York textile designer Lena Corwin. I promptly ordered a copy which arrived a couple of weeks ago.

The projects and techniques that Lena describes and demonstrates in the book are gorgeous and inspiring so I've been busily gathering materials for my first hand printing session. You can look at Lena's wonderful blog right here, which includes a very handy Q&A section related to her book.

Here are a few of the projects:

I love the simplicity and understated elegance of Lena's designs and the way that she treats print imperfections as part of the charm of hand printed items.

I thought I'd begin by tackling one of the simpler projects in the book - printed stationery using hand-carved rubber blocks and a basic ink pad.

I began very conservatively with a square cut rubber block:

Then I made some more organic carved blocks and I'm much happier with the result:

Before long I had a nice table-full of cards to go with the pile of wallpaper envelopes that I made ages ago:

What a nice way to spend the afternoon! I'm going to have a go at textile printing next so I hope to have some nice things to show you on my next post.


Lies said…
Where can I BUY all those amazing cards? Love love lurrrve. And yep Lena is one hell of a classy and talented lady. Her blog is always a big inspiration to me!
I'm so glad you enjoyed your lovely Welly weekend. X
Graham said…
Hi Bron, what cool cards and envelopes! I'm sure the relatives will love getting these for xmas! Look forward to more cool stuff!
Anonymous said…
Your amzing again. x


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