Project 3

I didn't get as much time for sewing as I'd hoped to over the weekend but I did manage to get a skirt and accessory completed as Project 3 of my $50 wardrobe challenge. The inspiration for the piece was a glorious scarf I'd found recently at my local op-shop.

I've never understood why scarves are designed in such a way that when you scrunch them around your neck you can't appreciate the beautiful design. The plan I had in mind was to somehow incorporate the scarf into a garment so that it could be viewed in all its unscrunched splendour.

I came up with a kind of scarf-cummerbund-apron-obi combination.

The proportions of my tailor's form are smaller than my own at the moment so it doesn't sit quite as well on dear headless Scarlet as it does on me.

Fabric and notions for skirt and scarf accessory: $13.10

Running total: $22.10

I'm very happy with the garment although I think I'd prefer to wear the scarf-obi over a stylish black dress - so that's going to be my next project.

My favourite, faithful (but worn-out) Cue pinafore is going to be sacrificed to supply the pattern.


Lies said…
Yes it is a wonderful scarf. But the result even better, really I do like your obi-fied skirt, it looks like a Trelise! Also happy B for T and isn't she lucky to get those perfect armchairs!!!
Bronwyn Lloyd said…
Thanks for another enthusiastic comment Lies - now if you could just write a new post for anemone I could leave a comment for you !!

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