Out of the Closet

Until recently I probably would have described myself as a closet crafty - not because I'm ashamed of the things I make but because making things by hand came about in large part due to economic necessity. I've been a student for the best part of ten years now and the reality of living on a tight budget has taught me to become really resourceful when birthdays and Christmases roll around. I didn't want to compromise on quality when it came to presents for family and friends so I revived my ancient crafty skills, started gathering an arsenal of fabrics and notions, and I haven't stopped making since.

It never occurred to me to expand my handmade enterprise beyond my immediate circle of appreciative giftees but the combined effect of encouraging words from fellow crafties (thank you Lies from Anemone), the gift of a snazzy digital camera from my wonderful mum-in-law, and advice on setting up a blog from the lovely Jack, is that I see now that it's really not that hard to get up and running.

So here we go...

Before I give you a quick preview of prototypes from Mosehouse Studio, I should briefly explain that the name 'Mosehouse' comes from my family lexicon of made-up words. A Mosehouse is a small house constructed from any material at hand. Cardboard boxes, spaces under tables, and large woollen blankets were our top Mosehouse choices as kids and we would spend ages inside the 'mose' making up stories and warding off the rainy day boredom. Mosehouse Studio seemed like the perfect name for my creative outlet. Anyway, without further ado, here's some things from Mosehouse...

cats and elephants made from vintage fabrics

collars made from reconstituted 1970s ties

patchwork ditty bag using upholstery fabrics and plaited wool cord

tablecloth wall art - clusters of images cut from from vintage tablecloths, stiffened and varnished to prevent fraying

combination cut-out and hoop tablecloth installation

So I guess you could say I'm well and truly out of the crafty closet now. It's possible that I might try to get my wares out there on the Auckland craft circuit so watch this space for further details. Meantime, if you'd like to get in touch I'd love to hear from you.


Lies said…
Whoot! Mose indeed! And I can vouch for the excellent quality of those collars. In fact I've broken my head over mine (thanks m'dear) cause it's virtually seamless (and not only in a figurative way of speach).
Hooray you for unclosetting you!
And crafting up!
Bronwyn Lloyd said…
Thanks Lies - you're the best!
Falofasofa said…
Wow! How clever! I want 1 of everything in the photos!! Please advise as to whether a Mosehouse is transportable and if one could be set up at my place - in or out of the closet, I don't care.. But I think the sooner you start selling these items, the sooner I could start filling my own Mose!
Bronwyn Lloyd said…
Nice one Falofa - you've already got heaps of my stuff in your mose but more is coming your way very soon...
Anonymous said…
Hey Bronny,

Nice place. Look forward to more of your inventions, seeing Xmas is looming.


hemant said…

You really did a great job; things you made are awesome. Everything is perfectly designed and color combination is amazing. I really want to buy this.

Bronwyn Lloyd said…
Thanks for your feedback Hemant - so nice to get a comment from someone so far away. When I h've made lots more things I'll set up an Etsy shop so that you and can choose something you like. I hope you drop by again.
Anonymous said…
Those collars are lovely - as are the table cloth art - oh and everything else too!

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