The Glad Game

I know it's not remotely cool to admit to it but since I'm too old to worry about being cool I'm going to say that I think that the 'glad game' that Pollyanna invented was a really nice idea and one that Oprah pinched a while back when she implemented the gratitude journal where she encouraged her viewers to record five things they were grateful for each day. While I'm not that big on Oprah, seeing as it's grey and rainy outside it seemed like an appropriate thing to do - so here's my glad list du jour:

Choosing 'Dreamy' from my word-of-the-day tin - the best Christmas gift ever from my sister a few years ago with about 200 hand-written words inside. Next to the tin is my magic wishing stone, which has granted us many wonderful things but should only be used judiciously.

Seeing Big Tom, Paisley and Zero getting along famously

Finding these colourful animal and letter foam stickers to jazz up my prezzies - although there weren't enough 'e's and only one 'k', which Jack got at the expense of Lieveke because her name can be abbreviated but his can't.

Also finding this beautiful hand-knitted bear at the op-shop. I can't imagine how many love hours went into making this little chap. It always makes me a bit sad when toys like this wind up at the oppie among piles of crappy mass-produced ones. Lucky I was around to rescue him.

Rearranging things to make room for a new painting by Emma Smith - a very quiet and enchanting lavender girl (the photo doesn't do justice to the beauty of the image)

The ceramics on the left are from my Hanmerware collection and the ceramic kete and vessels are by the very talented artist Emily Siddell who incidentally is the most discerning op-shopper I've ever met.

Finding two balsa wood butterfly models to use for my secret book project for Lee. After painting the wings and backing them with coloured cellophane they looked like this:

After attaching them to the cardboard cover with a butterfly shape cut-out it looked like this:

Now I just need to work out how to attach the poem to the cover... so enough with the gladness, I've got prezzies to finish!!


Lies said…
Woh! You are the prezzie queen!!!
I better get wrappin' then... OOO Lieve will be thrilled, we have a TINY christmas tree! She was so sick last week...
kimberlee said…
what a beautiful post full of so many good things. I love that the cats are getting along well:)

seeing your post also reminds me that I have been hankering for a little display table (like yours), just big enough from a small lamp, some flowers and picture. (back home we call this a hall table), ahh yours is so sweet

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